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No Jumping Unless Your Name
Is Sampras Or Jordan

Donna McKennaPete had a pet shot that he was a pro at and Michael does not even share your sport. So where does that leave you and jumping?

It should leave you on the ground where you are less likely to sprain an ankle. Jumping requires that a body dangle in space where it has a better chance to lose control as well as projecting energy mostly up and not forward. Keep your feet grounded and if the ball is high, physics guarantees that it will fall at sometime into your range as long as you see it early so that you can still move forward on the contact with an overhead or volley. In the event that it has gotten behind you, a hook shot is another option

For us mere mortals, to see a jumping tennis player, unless your name is Jordon (who is actually a very good tennis player), means that you have been caught off guard and you are in a panic, and likely to loose the point anyway. Keep your cool, anticipate the lob and stay grounded!

Donna McKenna
Director of Tennis
Dataw Island